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Now that we understand the difference between the types of games, we will continue with the actual game and the rules of bingo. Whether you play online or offline, players must first buy bingo cards / tickets. When you play at an online bingo room, the player is a "dauber" called Mark, where all the numbers.

Many online bingo halls offer electronic bingo cards that no mortar card player. A software program will do this automatically in the electronic tables. This requires the rent of the table, which of course costs extra. Play online bingo, but automatically adjusts auto-mud. The function can be disabled, but it is generally preferred by online bingo players.

In 75-ball bingo American winner of a "model" will be released before the start of the game. This is the model that should be "smeared" to win the game of bingo. There are several models that are most commonly used - X-model of the 4 corners, Mono, etc. - but usually play online bingo offers more than 300 models of bingo games. Once you start the game of bingo, "random" decide a computerized system called numbers. This ensures absolute equality and the random selection of numbers in each game of bingo. Both online bingo halls and online use of this modern technology. The numbers in a large table (or on the computer screen), as they are called. If you personally daub the numbers, each player must pay attention to the numbers called, try each card / ticket for this number and disfigurement accordingly. The more cards / player of a business, the faster you have to, before the numbers are called and mud the next number.

Players / tickets buy a large number of bingo cards rather generally prefer a board electronic bingo self-disfigurement to rent, or play online with auto-daub on.

Calling Bingo is very different online bingo halls and online. Play in a room in land-based bingo bingo requires the player to the crowd screams loudly. A quiet and reserved person who says, "Bingo!" Too low can not be heard, it cost them the victory.

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