Bingo! Alex Just Won $7,777 and He Cannot Keep Calm!

How to Win Bingo

Playing Bingo is one of the best pastimes for Alex and his best friend. The two were just lazing around on a Friday night when they decided to try out the Bonus Bingo game by RTG. This is one of the most interesting and highly rewarding Bingo games out there.

Alex says that he has played this game for a while now and loves the graphics and sound. The game is really simple to play. Just match the 44 Bingo balls drawn using the four 25-spot bingo cards and you will win. Having won before, these rules are nothing new to Alex. “I have played Bonus Bingo for years now and I have won varying amounts ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars. I really love this game.”

On this night, Alex and his friend decided to commit. Each with his phone in hand, they had to play Bonus Bingo on mobile and see who would win highly. The winner owed the other a treat.

Alex says, “I am very competitive so I decided to bet the maximum amount. I bet on all four cards and hoped for the best.” Little did he know that he was in for a surprise! In the first round of play, Alex only won a 2x multiplier. The second time he won nothing but the third time around, he hit the jackpot. The bonus feature was opened and he matched all the five special balls to win a whopping $7,777. He could not believe it!

“He just looked at me in a weird way and told me to come and see. I looked at the screen and was met by the winning notification. Before I could say anything he was on the floor screaming Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! He was very happy,” Recalls Alex’s bestie.

It is his biggest win on any Bingo game since he began playing a long time ago. He was really ecstatic about the win and swears he will always find time to play Bingo Bonus. You can also become a winner at

What does he plan to use the money for? First in the list is, of course, to take his best friend on a treat. “I will actually take him to another country!” he says happily. Thereafter he plans to invest the money in his business. It will surely be a big boost for him!

You too can have such big winnings coming your way. Just play Bonus Bingo and other Bingo games online today and you get a chance to win big.

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